Word Around Town

Joanie's came highly recommended, but I was unprepared for the delicious taste of everything! I'm gluten/ dairy free and it's difficult to find baked goods at all. So when I heard about Joanie's and her award winning butter tarts, I knew I had to try.

The butter tarts are melt in your mouth incredible, so tasty, it's hard not to eat them all at once...I also tried the morning glory muffins. Yep... amazing! So moist!

I highly recommend taking a visit to Joanies'.

You won't be disappointed!

Kendra L


Joanie has the best pastries anywhere, and the amazing thing is that they are Gluten-Free. You would never know it! She is a saviour for so many people!

Great job Joanie, you are the best!

Oak and Linen Home


The pastries are wonderful... you would never know that they are gluten free. We bought tarts (butter, raspberry coconut, and lemon) plus Carrot cake. Took some over to my daughter and son in law for a treat.... enjoyed by all.

Marlene B


Finally got to try the cinnamon buns! Absolutely delicious! the texture ! everything is so good! The maple tarts are a religious experience. the cookies! Everything! I definitely recommend.

Lacey J


'Joanie's gluten-free treats are the best!! She's delightful and very helpful! Looking forward to going back often for staples, savoury items and baked goods.'

Carmen B


'Incredible! Delicious carrot cake and friendly service.
Don't let the "gluten free" part scare you off if you're not a gluten-free kind of person. Some of the best baking I've ever had, gluten or not!

Jarrod D