We are closed due to a flood.

Our shop suffered terrible damage from the torrential downpour last weekend.


We called WinMar and they came in and cleaned up the water and we had fans in there for 5 days drying it out.

The entire flooring has to be replaced.

Our front sales counter was damaged with water, and all the drywall on all the walls needs to be replaced 2' up minimum.


Our commercial insurance policy fine print says it does not cover flooding. We are getting zero help from them and even less from our landlord.

More than half a dozen of my fabulous customers offered to start a GoFund me account to help with the repairs and I said no to all of them, that's just not who I am. But Audrey Nouwens Stephen, who has been an incredible customer since long before I opened the store going back almost 4 years, convinced me to let people decide if they wanted to help.

We are closed now, and could be shut down for 4-6 weeks until the work is completed.


I still have stock that I will be listing today on our online store and through this site. People will be able to purchase and pick up at the Komoka or Masonville markets on Fridays or Saturdays until I have no more, or I can start baking again in the store.

So I'm sitting here in tears writing this, for 3 reasons ...


Because the sheer messages and love that has been shown us during this past week, (those are the good tears)

Because of the insurmountable amount of work that is ahead of us. (and with everything we have been through this last year I'm praying I still have enough fight left in me to get this done)

And because we've had to cancel our 10 days of holidays because it's just not feasible at this point.

So here is the link to the GoFundMe , and if you are inclined to help ... THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH... prayers would also be appreciated.

August 1/21